Smartlab project received an award, 25th Nov. 2021

The Smart-Lab project, coordinated by Pr. Willand Nicolas, won the public prize at the 2021 edition of the Hauts-de-France Force Awards. This event promotes partnerships between academic research and companies and candidates with remarkable innovative projects in 'Hauts-de-France' region. 
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Drug Discovery Day, 14th Dec. 2021

Séminaire du parcours Master Sciences du Médicament et des Produits de santé "Conception Synthèse Evaluation et Sélection du principe actif" Programme

U1177 fights antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The french research Unit 1177 Inserm/IPL/Univ. lille and its AIDD group is committed to fight against antimicrobial resistance !! #AntibioticAwarenessWeek #ResistanceSymbol #AntibioticResistance
Big thanks to our funding agencies and partners @ANR @JPIAMR @isiteULNE @pearl_phd_lille @CIILofficiel @hautsdefrance @Bioversys

Drug Discovery Day, 16th Dec. 2020

Séminaire du parcours Master Sciences du Médicament/ “Conception Synthèse Evaluation et Sélection du principe actif “ ...

Pr Deprez-Poulain receives the Michel Delalande Prize of the ANP- 16th Dec 2020

Rebecca Deprez-Poulain receives the 2020 Michel Delalande Prize in pharmacochemistry from the French Academy of Pharmacy.

Institut Pasteur PhD 2019-2020 Graduation Ceremony, 4th Dec 2020

The Institut Pasteur PhD Graduation Ceremony will take place virtually on the 4th december 2020. Laetitia Lesire was selected to present her thesis work.

Task-Force Covid-19

A team of researchers from U1177 (in collaboration with U1167 and CIIL) has started a project to discover and optimize inhibitors of the 3CLpro protease of SARS-CoV-2, a non-structural coronavirus protein essential in its replication cycle.
High throughput enzymatic screening of a 100,000-compound library of U1177 based on fluorescent substrate cleavage is in progress. Hit-to-lead optimization will then be performed using the medicinal chemistry tools. The project aims at discovering new broad-spectrum antivirals (preclinical candidates) to deliver therapeutic treatment for the current outbreak or as a preparedness measure in case of future viral outbreaks.

Picture from @JoaquimDassonville

MSCA ETN CAPSTONE selected by EU, May 2020.

The proposal CAPSTONE on antigen presentation, coordinated by Pr Rebecca Deprez-Poulain, has been selected by EU, in the MSCA-ITN 2020 call. The consortium aims at training experts in antigen proce...

3rd Longevity Symposium, 11th 12th Dec 2019

Seminar Robert Young, 15th Oct. 2019

The 15th of October 2019 10h30

Amphithéâtre Pauling – School of Pharmacy Lille

Abstract: Safe and effective drugs to stimulate bone growth (anabolics) are needed t...

Drug Discovery Day, 17th Dec. 2019

Séminaire du parcours Master Sciences du Médicament/ “Conception Synthèse Evaluation et Sélection du principe actif “...

Drug Discovery Day, 19th Jan. 2019

Séminaire du parcours Master Sciences du Médicament/ “Conception Synthèse Evaluation et Sélection du principe actif “ Plenary lectures by Danuta Siluk, PhD, DSc | Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical Univ...

Pr Deprez nominated Scientific Advisor to the Foundation Institut Pasteur de Lille, 19 Jun 2018

Seminar Bruno Villoutreix, 2nd July 2018

"Technologies in silico 3D intégrées pour faciliter la prise de décision en médecine moléculaire et pour la recherche de candidats médicaments" Dr. Bruno Villoutreix, Inserm U973, Paris ; Lundi 02 ju...

Pr Deprez receives the Pierre Fabre Innovation Award - July 2017

BioVersys & TBboost team laureates of the Innovation Prize - Oct 2016

A l’oc...

Young Research Fellow Meeting of French Medicinal Chemistry Society - 2016 - 15th-17th Feb

Seminar Peter van Endert, 4th Nov 2015

Le Mercredi 4 novembre 2015 à 11h00

Amphithéâtre IBL – Institut Pasteur de Lille 

Conférence du Pr Peter van Endert, Institut Necker, Paris

2nd F3Meeting Lille Ghent - 23rd Mar 2015

1st F3Meeting Lille Ghent - 25th Nov 2014

One of our PhD student ranked first at the Regional Nord-Pas-De-Calais-Picardie Famelab 2014 Selections  08/03/2017

Manuel Lasal...

Forum Recherche de la Faculté de Pharmacie édition 2014

Le 5 mars, e...

Seminar of the "filière industrie" students: Business Models

Les 21 et 26...

Seminar of the "filière industrie" students: Scientific communications