Pharm D / Med D

U1177 has a strong training and education mission within the UniversitÚ Lille Nord de France University.

Professors and associate professors of U1177 are involved ináprofessionnal training (Pharm MD) and several Master degrees in pharmacy and drug discovery based on case studies. Teaching is performed in the fields of chemistry, biology, drug discovery & developement and scientific bases of pharma and biotech businesses.

U1177welcome a high number of students of Master and PhD degrees as well as students from Engineer schools and Pharmacy Schools.

U1177is involved in 2 complementary research Master degrees that deal with fundamental biology, chemistry and analysis and drug-discovery and Pharmacy Industry branch of the faculty of pharmacy.

Pharmacy Industry

This branch of the pharmacy school of lille is dedicated to the formation of pharmacy students that will be employed in the industry or biotech either in:

  • Research;
  • Development;
  • Production;
  • Marketing or Regulatory affairs

As examples, the education team has developed courses have a look at our students works and presentations :

  • Podcast  
  • website
  • virtual campus of lille2 P_DDMED.