Current positions available :

  • 2023_MEDCHEM_POSTDOC_4: a Researcher PostDoc position (12months) Start Nov-Dec 2023

Research in medicinal chemistry : The aim is to design, synthesize and perform multiparametric optimization of bioactive compounds acting on metallo-aminopeptidases ERAP1 and ERAP2 implicated in auto-immune diseases

U1177 Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems offers positions in Medicinal Chemistry, Screening, ADME, Cell biology
To submit your application send:
- a cover letter (Name_First_name.doc) with the N° of the offer
- a CV
to or to the adress in the subject.

U1177 Médicaments et Molécules pour Agir sur les Systèmes Vivants offre des postes en chimie médicinale, criblage, ADME, Biologie Cellulaire
Soumettez votre candidature en joignant:
- une lettre de motivation (Nom_Prenom.doc) avec le N° de l'offre
- un CV
à ou à l'adresse mail indiquée dans le sujet.

>>> For ATER/Lecturer-Researcher positions see specific application procedures described in the offer

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