MedChem Structure genius App

The idea behind MedChem Structures Genius is that the chemical structure can be used as a visual and semantical mark to gain information on drug molecules (mode of action, side effects, bioavailability,…). This app, aimed at both students and professionnals, allows learning to recognize chemical drug structures and link them to their INN and their pharmacological class. The quiz allows self evaluation. Only small molecules and peptides and biochemical molecules are listed (no biologics, vaccines, …). The drug classification has been adapted from the ATC WHO classification.

MedChem Structures Genius was created and designed by Prof Rebecca Deprez-Poulain (Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems laboratory, School of Pharmacy, Université of Lille Law and Health, ) This was possible thanks to the support of the Innovative Educational Projects Office (JC Statnik) and TICE team (JL Tessier, N Azouar) at the Université of Lille Law and Health ( )

Founding design & data contributors:

Pr Rebecca Deprez-Poulain, PhD, PharmD
Dr Julie Charton, PhD, Ass. Prof.
Dr Damien Bosc, PhD, Ass. Prof.
Dr Vanessa Hoguet, PhD.


Alexis Pruvost PharmD student
Nicolas Kraupner, PharmD student
Virgyl Camberleyn, PharmD student
Caroline Lanthier, Ms student
Laetitia Lesire, Ms student
Marine Andres, Ms student

MedChem Structure Genius terminology and functionalities

BROWSE : You can browse drug structures sorted by pharmacological class. You can select entries as favorites to quickly retrieve information. One class of drug or one drug can be linked to one or several therapeutic areas. The initial classification is as followed:

  • BIOCHEM: Biochemical molecules and vitamins BRONCHO: Drugs acting on the Respiratory system
  • CANCERO: Chemotherapy, hormone and targeted therapies of cancer & prevention of therapies side-effects
  • CARDIO: Drugs acting on the Blood & Cardiovascular systems
  • GASTRO/ENTERO: Drugs acting on the Gastrointestinal tract
  • IMMUNO/HEMATO: Drugs acting on the Immune system
  • INFECTIO: Drugs for fighting Infectious diseases METAB: Drugs acting on the Nutrition, Metabolism & Endocrin systems (hypothalamus, hypophysis, thyroid)
  • NEURO: Drugs acting in Neurology & Psychiatry areas
  • OPHT: Drugs for Eye pathologies
  • RHUMATO/PAIN: Drugs for Pain , Inflammation & Rhumatology
  • URO: Drugs for Urology & Nephrology (including erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer) & male sexual hormones
  • GYNECO: Drugs for Gynecology & Obstetrics & Female Health (including osteoporosis and toxoplasmosis treatments)

SEARCH : You can search entries by the INN (International Nonproprietary Name), the pharmacological class.

PLAY : You can play to learn and evaluate yourself. Parameters you can choose are :

  • Therapeutic area : See above or select “All” if you want to play across therapeutic areas.
  • Level : Essentials for easy to recognize or key molecules in the class; Intermediate for more complicated structures or other molecules in the class; Master/Indifferent for any level.
  • Type of quiz : 4 types of quiz are available.
Find INN from structure: We give the structure, you choose the right INN amongst propositions
Find class from structure: We give the structure, you choose its pharmacological class amongst propositions
Find structure from INN: We give the name, you choose the right structure amongst propositions
Find structure from class: We give the pharmacological class, you choose all the structures belonging to this class

You can choose to record the time needed for you to complete the quizz by selecting chrono. You can choose to display clues during the quizz by selecting clues. The clues are images highlighting key structural features.